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March 3, 2009

Television has been the conventional means of watching live cricket uptill now but with the advent of IPL and other exciting cricketing formats, the online coverage of these matches has gained serious importance and popularity. But before you start enjoying cricket online you will be required to install any of the following software, SOPcast player orTVU player.

What actually is SOPcast player?

The idea behind SOP is very unique and by all very affective. Its actually a P2P client, amazed, even I was. The concept behind it says that there will be one master server going to stream the live video matches and all users will further distribute the contents streamed in their pc, just like any other P2P software. So its obviously better if more people watch cricket online so there is an increased probability of getting better streaming but your bandwidth still remains an important factor. I just forgot to say that SOP stands for streaming over P2P
Download SOPcast player

Some sopcast links:

You can copy any of these links directly into your sopcast player


The list of websites where you can watch online live IPL cricket:


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12 Responses to “Watch Live IPL Cricket Online”

  1. 12
    khushbu Says:

    i have to see ipl twenty20 2010

  2. 11
    hadi Says:

    want to see all iplt20 live cricket matches on line

  3. 10
    manjunath Says:

    i love ipl very much n sachin game

  4. 9
    rahoof Says:

    i like ipl cricket

  5. 8
    niladri biswas Says:

    iam much dissapointed learning “dada “getting less value which he deserves, why they are trying to remove him i do not understand,

  6. 7
    vinod Says:

    i love cricket,

  7. 6
    jai Says:

    no one there

    plz reply me ya that links all offline

    plz help me

    plz contct to my e-mail id

  8. 5
    methsith Says:

    Im crazy in watching IPL

  9. 4
    jai Says:

    hi i am jai

    i am not having tv

    i am having inetnet

    so i want see live match in internet

    that is y i am follow the you ways

    plz help me

    i am installing sopcast softwer but i will copy the links directly

    and i am put into sopcat address

    but they say only the that link offline

    waht hapen

    plz telll me how see live match

  10. 3
    Sunny Says:

    Why none of these links working to watch the matches live
    if it wasnot going to work why the hell did you guys put it there
    don’t ormise what you can not deliver

  11. 2
    aryan Says:

    i wanna to watch ipl match live

  12. 1
    aryan Says:

    all coverage

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